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American Specialty not only provides Weapons Storage Solutions, but many other Storage Solutions as well. We can help you solve any storage problem. We are the premier supplier of High Density Storage Solutions. We can provide High Density Mobile Shelving, Stationery Shelving, Rotary Shelving, Vertical Carousels, Vertical Lift Modules, and Horizontal Carousels. Our solutions are designed to save time, save space, save money and provide the level of security required, no matter what you need to store.

American Specialty has been satisfying customers since 1991. With over 15 years of experience in providing unique storage solutions, we bring considerable experience and knowledge to the task of solving your storage problems. Please contact us to arrange a consultation so you can begin getting better organized.

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Weapons Storage Components
Secure Weapon Storage Solutions
No other small arms cabinet or rack compares to the extreme versatility and flexibility of our unique weapon storage systems. Combine the extensive components and the ‘universal gun panel’ to achieve your own custom solution.

Hand Gun Box with Clip Storage 6 & 8 Capacity

Hand Gun Box 6 & 8 Capacity

Stock Saddle available in 1, 5, 6, 10 & 12 capacity

Seismic Barrel Saddle

Lockable Barrel Saddle

7" & 5.5" D. 1, 5 & 6 capacity models

Horizontal Mounts 2 & 3 Capacity

Adjustable Stock Shelves 3", 17", 20" and 40"

Storage Boxes 3" & 6" W

Roll-Out Work Shelves
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